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Few things can negatively impact your quality of life like living with chronic back pain. When chronic back pain is part of your life, it is a silent illness. Others can’t always see it, but it is always there and can make you feel like a mere shadow of yourself.

At Ramar Chiropractic and Rehab, our expert team of healthcare providers specialized in using corrective exercises to help manage chronic neck and back pain. If you suffer from chronic back pain in the Shelby Township and Rochester area, we’ve put together this simple guide to managing chronic back pain with physical therapy.

1. Learn More About Your Body.

Studies have shown that pain patients who receive regular education on how pain works during therapy sessions have better pain management outcomes with little medication or treatment. Experts think this is because working with a sports chiropractor to understand the process of pain in your body helps you to have more control over your response to pain.

Corrective exercises can also help you to understand your body’s limitations and work to respect them rather than risk re-injury. Your sports chiropractor can also help you set realistic health and pain management goals that will offer better overall care for your body.

2. Take Advantage of Massage and Manual Therapy.

One of the key benefits of corrective exercises for pain management is regular access to healing techniques through massage and manual therapy. Through manual therapy, your provider will manually manipulate your body’s soft tissues. This can help your physical therapist obtain a better understanding of the mechanisms causing your chronic pain.

Although manual therapy is not massage, it can look and feel very similar to massage, offering pain relief, relaxation, and healing. We also offer restorative massage therapies for pain relief.

3. Lower Your Need For Medication.

One of the most common medical approaches to chronic pain management is regular medication prescription. Although NSAIDs and prescription pain medications can offer significant relief, they can also come with a set of serious side effects, especially after long periods of use.

Regular therapy for chronic back pain can help patients minimize their need for medication use. Corrective exercises along with sports chiropractic care focuses on increasing range of motion rather than simply masking the pain symptoms.

4. Increase Your Bodily Strength.

Corrective exercises can help you increase your body’s capabilities. Our doctors focus on using your body the right way rather than repeating habits that may cause you to become injured all over again. Helping you increase your ability to move in ways that you might otherwise avoid can help you increase your body’s strength.

We can help you increase:

● Flexibility

● Balance

● Coordination

Ramar Chiropractic and Rehab's Sports Chiropractors

Whether you are suffering from limited range of motion due to an injury or chronic back pain from an ongoing condition like arthritis, our chiropractic physical therapy experts at Ramar Chiropractic can help. We offer a wide range of services aimed at helping you take back control of your life. Schedule your appointment to see how we can help your quality of life with chronic pain improve. Call our office at 248-710-3236, or contact us to schedule a free chiropractic consultation or start your physical therapy.


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