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Your backbone is more than just the bone in the body that keeps you standing upright. In addition to all of the joints and nerves that run through the spine, it plays a role in other aspects of your health. You'd be surprised how much an issue with your back can have a domino effect on your health, which is what a Ramar Chiropractic and Rehab chiropractor notices in many patients who walk through the door.

Your Confidence

If you're slouching due to poor posture, to others you don't appear confident from a distance. If it's physically visible that you have poor posture, i.e., your shoulders are raised, it can affect the way you feel about yourself. You might be self-conscious when you look into the mirror and notice yourself slouching.

Your Neck

The soft tissue and joints in your back have an impact on your neck. Sometimes, issues with your soft tissue or joints trigger pain in your neck. This is especially the case if you have poor posture since your slouching stresses the neck muscles.

Your Head

Headaches and migraines aren't always caused by stress. Pressure from the vertebrae and muscles in the upper portion of the spine may be irritating the neck, which ultimately places stress on the lower portion of the brain and can cause a headache.

Your Circulation

Sometimes, irregularities in the placement of the vertebrae in the spine hinder the flow of blood throughout the back, which affects blood flow to areas of the body local to the spine. This can hinder how quickly you heal in the event of an injury. Keep in mind, it also plays a role in the flow of nutrients throughout the body. If you're not receiving an adequate amount of nutrients, you could be suffering the consequences of a nutrient deficiency, which could contribute to headaches.

Your Organs

If you're taking pain medications to combat your back problems, you could be harming other areas of your body. For instance, pain relievers are notorious for causing kidney and liver issues, especially if you already have issues with these organs. Pain relievers are also notorious for causing stomach problems. For instance, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen can cause a peptic ulcer. By seeing a Ramar Chiropractic and Rehab chiropractor for your back pain, you can eliminate the need for medications.

Your Sleep

If you sleep in certain positions, you're more likely to have issues with your back, especially poor posture. And if you're suffering from pain in your back or neck, you could be getting a poor night's rest.

To optimize your health using chiropractic care treatments, contact Ramar Chiropractic, serving Shelby Township, MI, Rochester Hills, MI and the surrounding area, by calling 248-710-3236 today for an appointment!


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