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Unfortunately, we at Ramar Chiropractic and Rehab, serving Shelby Township and the surrounding area, see many patients who come into our office after lifting an item improperly. It's a common work injury, and it's possible that one injury from not correctly lifting an object will damage your back permanently, which is why it's important to know the right way to avoid having an unplanned appointment for a back and neck adjustment with a sports chiropractor.

Always Think Before You Lift

Properly lifting an object starts with evaluating where you're placing it and devising a plan regarding how to get it there. If you have any doubts about lifting, always ask for help or make multiple trips.

Lifting from the Ground

Firstly, never lift an item on the ground while standing. If you're lifting an object from the floor, stand as close to it as possible. Once in position, kneel in front of it with one knee on the ground. While maintaining the natural curvature of your back, lift using your legs. Allow your legs to do the lifting since they're much stronger than your back.

Tips for Lifting Items Not on the Ground

If you're lifting any item, whether from a high shelf or down low, you should always do so with your legs shoulder-width apart. Make sure you tighten your abdominal muscles when lifting. Never lean forward because you put unnecessary pressure on the discs in your back. Always have a good grasp on whatever you're lifting and keep the item as close to you as possible.

Common Injuries from Lifting

Low back pain and sciatica are two of the most common issues associated with improper lifting techniques. Sciatica is a condition that occurs because of pressure or damage to the sciatic nerve. Back strains and sprains are also common. It's possible to damage, dislocate, or herniate a disc when you lift incorrectly, as well.

Treating a Lifting Injury

Once you have a lifting injury, you can find relief from your pain and discomfort through chiropractic care. A back and neck adjustment, for instance, consists of a chiropractor realigning the spine to take pressure off of the nerves and soft tissue surrounding the spine. It also corrects any dislocations that could cause you pain.

A sports chiropractor might recommend corrective exercises to help with the healing process. During this time, the physician guides you through exercises that stretch the spine and help relieve pressure on the surrounding joints and tissue. During your appointment, you may also receive lifestyle advice to reduce pain and prevent future injuries.

If you hurt your back while lifting or performing any other task, contact Ramar Chiropractic, serving Shelby Township, Rochester and the surrounding region, to schedule an appointment by calling 248-710-3236.


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