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A vehicle crash can cause all kinds of problems that interfere with your life. Besides the stress of having to repair or replace your vehicle, you may find yourself dealing with the fallout from an injury due to the impact. One of the most common of these injuries is whiplash, which affects a patient’s neck and can be quite painful.

At Ramar Chiropractic serving Shelby Township and Rochester, we understand what it takes to get you feeling like yourself again so you can get back to living your life. This helpful guide discusses how our chiropractic team can use cervical manipulation techniques to treat whiplash and get you back on the path to feeling your best.

Understanding Whiplash

Whiplash is usually associated with car accidents, but it can also be caused by any blow or impact that suddenly jerks a patient’s head. It is extremely common among athletes. Whiplash occurs when a patient’s head is suddenly extended or flexed either forward, backward, or sideways. This results in damage to the muscles and connective tissues of the upper back and neck.

Pain Caused by Whiplash

When a patient sustains a whiplash injury, pain can radiate across the patient’s shoulders. It can also radiate into a patient’s head and down through the region between a patient’s shoulder blades. Whiplash can be an incredibly painful condition which significantly limits a patient’s range of motion. Some of the most common symptoms are stiffness of the patient’s neck and severe headaches.

Cervical Manipulation for Whiplash

Cervical manipulation, also known as neck as neck adjustment, occurs when a chiropractor applies a procedure to a patient’s neck joints. The chiropractor will begin by examining the joints to determine where limited motion and pain occurs. He or she will apply a gentle thrusting pressure to the area to help stimulate the nervous system and stretch the body’s soft tissue.

Cervical manipulation is meant to do the following:

● Improve mobility of spinal discs

● Restore range of motion

● Increase movement of the adjoining muscles

● Relieve tension and pressure

Shelby Township and Rochester Chiropractic Treatment Experts

Don’t let whiplash shut down your life. Whether you are suffering from a vehicle injury, a sports-related injury, or a work injury, our expert chiropractic team at Ramar Chiropractic in Shelby Township can help you get back on track. We can help you with the pain while giving you your life back. To learn about how we can help, give us a call at 248-710-3236, or contact us to set up your appointment or free chiropractic consultation.


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