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No one enjoys going under the knife, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. When you do have to undergo a surgical procedure, it can be tough to get back on your feet again. One of the biggest problems faced by patients during their recovery is limited range of motion. It can seem like your body just isn’t ready to do what you need it, which can cause pain and mobility problems.

Our sports chiropractic team at Ramar Chiropractic and Rehab understands that life doesn’t stop just because you had to undergo surgery. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to how the correct therapy can help you get your range of motion back faster during your recovery from surgery.

Recovery After Surgery

The road to recovery after you’ve undergone a surgical procedure can be difficult. Post-operative pain can be tricky to manage. Many patients want to limit their need for anti-inflammatories and narcotic pain management options after surgery.

But at the same time, poorly managed pain accompanying a limited range of motion can slow your recovery and hamper your immune function. That’s why it’s important to manage your pain, regain your strength, and begin the healing process. Fortunately, physical therapy offers solutions.

Range of Motion and Surgical Recovery

Getting back your range of motion after surgery is key to regaining your physical strength and beginning the recovery process. Beginning regular stretches and strength rebuilding can reduce the buildup of scar tissue and help you see a faster improvement in your overall health. Physical therapy solutions can address the root cause of the pain instead of simply masking it with medications, which can prolong your healing process.

We offer a combination of physical therapy solutions to get you on the path to healing:

● Massage

● Manual therapy

● Strength and flexibility exercises

● Cutting Edge Chiropractic Care

● Whole Body CryoTherapy

● Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Sports Chiropractors in My Area

Have you got surgery scheduled soon? Don’t wait until you’re on the mend to take proactive steps toward a faster recovery. Or if you’re struggling to gain back your range of motion after a recent procedure, let us help you take back your health.

Our caring and compassionate team understands that it takes a supportive team to get you back to your optimum health. Call our sports chiropractic team at 248-710-3236, or contact us to find out more about our treatment options.


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