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You got involved with CrossFit because you were ready to get in the shape of your life. You have put your fitness at front and center, and you’re proud of all that you’ve accomplished. But a CrossFit injury can threaten to set you back significantly. That’s why it’s important to put safety at the heart of your training program.

At Ramar Chiropractic and Rehab in Shelby Township, we understand the physics of the body and can work with you to prevent CrossFit injuries or keep them from worsening. Here’s how chiropractic support can work with your CrossFit program.

CrossFit Workout Risk

Anytime you take up a workout program, it’s important to realize the risk of injury. That’s not to deter you from working out, but simply to help you prioritize safety throughout your training. When you’re training with CrossFit, you’re working all kinds of muscles, and as you do, there’s a risk of injury if you’re not working out correctly.

Here are a few of the muscles you engage with CrossFit:

● Pectoral muscles

● Abdominal muscles

● Hips

● Legs

● Shoulders

● Biceps/Triceps

Common CrossFit Injuries

The biggest reason behind most CrossFit injuries is not using the correct form during your workout. If you’re lifting weights improperly, you can wreak havoc on your body. Another common problem is due to improper stretching. Overdoing it can also lead to trouble.

These are some of the most common CrossFit injuries:

● Lower back strain

● Tennis elbow

● Knee pain

● Sprains

● Tendonitis

How Chiropractors Can Help with CrossFit Injury

It’s always a good idea to speak with a Sports Chiropractor when you’re starting a training program. Sports Chiropractors understand the complex mechanics of human physiology and can advise you about stretching and form. If you’ve experienced back pain, it’s best to get it under control before it becomes a more serious problem. We can also help with therapy equipment, massage, or a brace if it’s needed.

Shelby Township Sports Injury Chiropractic Experts

Congratulations on your decision to put your health first. Whether you’re hoping to increase your strength and endurance or just shed a few pounds, CrossFit is a great way to go about it. But the last thing we want is to see you injured while you’re prioritizing your health. Talk to our sports injury chiropractic team about how we can help you make the most of your CrossFit training. Connect with us by calling 248-710-3236, or contact us to set up a free appointment.


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