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Athletics can be an incredibly rewarding pursuit whether done professionally or as part of an intramural team or hobby. Taking care to warm up regularly, following a careful workout program, and taking other steps to prevent athletic injury are important in protecting your athlete. However, injuries are a common risk of involvement in sports. When left untreated, sports injuries can cause serious pain, not to mention lasting health conditions.

Our professional chiropractic specialists at Ramar Chiropractic in Shelby Township are committed to keeping the athlete in your life in his or her peak physical health. Regular chiropractic checkups are an important part of protecting your family’s athlete and keeping them healthy.

Understanding Sports Injuries

Whether your athlete in your life is a weekend golfer or a college football player, sports injuries can occur with even the most careful athletes. While most sports-related injuries affect the spine, all parts of the body are susceptible to injury. Another of the most common injuries is a muscle or ligament strain. These types of injuries can wreak havoc on an athlete’s game. Injuries caused by the overuse of a muscle are also quite common among athletes.

Sports injuries can cause the following problems:

● Reduced strength

● Shortened endurance

● Decreased performance

● Restricted range of motion

● Severe pain

Treating Conditions Before They Become Problems

One problem athletes often face in not realizing they have an undiagnosed sports injury. When an athlete experiences minor aches or pains, he or she may dismiss these as a normal part of overexertion from sports or even growing pains in younger athletes. However, failing to help an athlete recover properly can add up to serious health problems down the road. Through regular checkups, our chiropractors are able to diagnose existing problems and perform spinal manipulation techniques and massage. We can also help tailor a health regimen and workout plan tailored to meet the needs of your family’s athlete while preventing future injuries.

Shelby Township and Rochester's Sports Chiropractic Experts

If the athlete in your life becomes injured, you want them to get back on their feet fast. Whether you are concerned with preventing injuries through regular chiropractic checkups or helping your athlete recover from an injury, we can help. Our expert chiropractic team at Ramar Chiropractic in Shelby Township can help your athlete achieve his or her personal best while maintaining excellent health. Call us at 248-710-3236, or contact us to schedule a free appointment.


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